Kasper Aroma Diffuser


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Experience Zen using scent, light, mist and sound with this stunning range of ultrasonic aroma diffusers.

Timeless, Elegant, cutting edge and design-led diffusers incorporate high quality materials including ceramic & glass.

The ultrasonic technology provides a heatless, flameless and smoke-free way to fragrance your environment whilst helping to reduce the dryness created by central heating and air-conditioning.

Tap water and a few drops of essential oil is all that is required to create a haven of calm and serenity at any time.

Kasper is a handmade geometric ceramic design, featuring warm ambient lighting and various mist and light settings using a remote control.

LIGHT: Warm Ambient & Breathing Light

MIST: High/Low mist, intermittent & continuous options operated with remote control



TANK: 120ml

MIST DURATION: 4.5 hours